Saturday, August 09, 2008




The story began when forty businesspersons tried to start a unique combination of the stock trading business and the restaurant business in Medan, in collaboration with Sasson Securities. Sasson Securities was a stockbroker for the Singapore Stock Exchange (SSX) and a security-trading agent in the Jakarta Stock Exchange (JSX)

Due to the reversed policy of expansion from Sasson Securities, put in force as a result of the general downward trend of stock trading here in Indonesia, Sasson Securities pulled out from Indonesia altogether. That also brought and abrupt end to the stock trading business in The Traders. The Traders, unhindered though by the sudden turn of event, went on with the restaurant business alone.

Today, we have gone through several phases of consolidation and internal upgrading to improve not only our quality of service but also to further perfect our usual high standard of food quality and to increase the food diversity we can provide our customers.

As a testimonial to our effort, we have added as an additional thrill for our food loving guests, a Japanese Corner. The Japanese Corner is where we serve high quality Japanese food of all selections.

We have also reached the stage where we do not only serve wonderful food and the best beverage to our distinguished guests; we entertain them in other ways as well. In weekdays and weekends, we have live bands playing Jazz and other exotic tropical music for their listening pleasure.

We have also added a sports bar and pool lounge with 16 international size pool tables. Special VIP rooms, each with a different design and color, are available for those players who prefer privacy. Located just behind our main restaurant building, we call it Shoot.


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